Custom Parts

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Reverse Taper Carbon Spinner Kit and "Lampshade" Flowguide
Paypal $
Spinner kit W/ Lampshade Flow-Guide,
NEW Aluminum & Composite Bulkhead, and E/Mounting instructions. 
Used with 8" extension and can be used on 6" extensions.
USA Shipping, handling Determined when ready to ship
Carbon Spinner/ New Backplate Kit with Standard Flowguide
PayPal $
Spinner kit includes Carbon Fiber Spinner,
NEW Aluminum & Composite Bulkhead, Small Flowguide (made for 3 inch extension),
and E/Mounting instructions.
Shipping, handling and Ins. * Determined when ready to ship *
Electric Pitch Trim System for LEZ
PayPal $
What makes this this system Great is the benign failure mode, meaning that if a failure occurs of the spring, it is gradual and easily controlled. If the 800,000 + cycle actuator fails in any position, the spring is easily overridden with the stick. The spring is trimmed by the installer to fine tune the system to the aircraft.  Shipping, handling and Ins. * Determined when ready to ship *
Electric Landing Brake Kit
PayPal $507.00   
Replaces plans Landing Brake Handle and related hardware. Weighs less than the removed components. Can be deployed partially at higher speeds, and is fully deployable at 140 knots (IF you reinforce the Landing Brake).    Very complete kit with E instructions. * USA - Shipping Priority Mail * Current Rate will apply with Insurance * Determined at time of shipment *
Shimmy Dampeners
 PayPal $268

All Stainless Steel... Replaces the stock Brock phenolic "scrubber" shimmy dampener on the Vari-eze, Long-EZ, and Cozy, Berkut E-Racer. Eliminates shimmy and needs only adjustment check yearly. Check $260.00  USA Shipping Priority Mail * Current Rate will apply with Insurance * Due at time of shipment *
Adjustable Rudder Pedals
PayPal $
Make your plane ground handle fantastic
The design only uses Matco MC-4 Master Cylinders. (Additional required parts are new 1/16" rudder cable that runs from the nose to the connector behind the spar (pretty simple to do and we can supply it on request ). For someone who has cylinders and wants to buy the rest of the kit the cost is $665.00, but you are required to send your cylinders to us so the system is set up properly. Installation time is 16 to 20 working hours (two days for over night cure).  Installation hardware is very complete with the exception of new rudder cables and associated fittings for the cables. Requires advanced composite aircraft building skills to install. Installation plans and pictures are in MSWord or pdf format and sent after payment.  Shipped by FedEx & insured for
$850 per set (Shipping Not Included in Price).  Complete Kit less composite materials and new cables that you provide. Paid by Check; $825.00

Long-EZ Molded Nose 
Includes top cover with no door and templates for Bulkheads and PDF Plans.
Molded Hatch with Flanges built into top cover $ 645.00 extra
Base Cost = $ 1,875.00

BAG-EZ BAGGAGE PODS for Canard Aircraft and Single Pods for RV's.

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